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Join the Force that is Building Homes in Ohio - Over 95% of all funds go directly to a disabled veteran. Adaptive Homes, CDC the Force that is winning the battle.


We thrive on moral imagination: the humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be.

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Because of people like you, Adaptive Homes, Cdc was able to provide 6 disabled wounded warriors and families housing.

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What We've Learned

We've learned that without housing that accommodates the physical needs of our wounded, the likely-hood of transitioning back into society successfully becomes extremely difficult.

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    Over 90% of all funds go directly to the disabled, changing lives at the grass roots level. It all about the community!

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      Our Vision: Is to create a living environment that enables the disabled community to function without hindrances.

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      Our communities are the builders, enjoy a day at one of our events, and support the vendors that make the build happens

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      Join the Force:

      If you are already a part of the force building homes 4 our heroes you have already influenced the lives of over 1 mil people

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    What Our Clients Say!

    "This project is of upmost importance to our military community as it provides for all the heroes who have provided so much for this great nation".

    Written to Adaptive Homes by K Harless, LUTCF

    "A Vet that never had a home before was pending homelessness and Adaptive Homes CDC placed him in a home without concern for his ability to pay."

    Written to Adaptive Homes by D Winninghma MSW, LISWS

    "the disabled veteran is always uppermost in their decision making"

    Written to Adaptive Homes by J. Wooten President Stadard Corporation

    "By Stepping up to the plate on this important issue you are going to motivate others"

    Written to Adaptive Homes by W. Scott Haynes President FP Developers


    We Urge you to support those that support veterans whenever possible, these small business and corporations (below) use their profits to benefit the Heroes - Let them know you saw them on our site.

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    • JA Monsul
    • SilverLine Anderson
    • Home Depot
    • HouseCall
    • ColumbusFoundation
    • TotalCare Home
    • UrbanUpkeep
    • HonorProject
    • GoodSams Ohio
    • LionsClub Sunbuury
    • Woodland Golf
    • MercyGrace
    • United Way
    • SpatterPark
    • Western & Southern
    • American Thunder Club
    • Howard, Wershbale
    • MicroSoft
    • Intuit
    • Hite Plumbing
    • Kingdom Builder
    • America Legion 457
    • FireHouse Tavern