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We builds “TotalCare” prescription homes, these homes are customized to meet the specific medical needs of the individual Disabled Veteran at a cost less than a standard new build. Adaptive Homes, CDC functions as the community portal to provide/build these affordable homes for Disabled Veteran and their families. Adaptive Homes, CDC partners with community and corporate sponsors with a goal of saving the Disable Veteran and their families 25% - 50% of the build cost. Applicants are required to meet several qualifications to ensure successful home ownership, in general, prospective Veteran homeowners must: - Be a Disabled Veteran - DD214 honorable/medical discharged - U.S. Citizen, legal residents. - Veterans must agree to continue to work with their Caseworker (VA or other) to complete transition and rehabilitation. - Credit score is important but not in and of itself a dis-qualifier, however the Disabled Veteran’s credit will dictate which program will be applicable. NOTE: lower scores will require more donations into the Adaptive Homes, CDC’s regenerative trust to complete the build and close the home. - Proof of financial ability (steady income), consistent monthly income (Earned or Disability) that falls within minimum and maximum limits, depending on household size and home ADA requirements and the donations/sponsors obtained. (Payment must not exceed 33% of the income/disability income). -Be willing to have the payment taken out as an Auto draft/Allotment -Attend homeowner educational classes -Attend financial educational classes Important Provisions and Notice: Adaptive Homes, CDC will complete each home on a best efforts basis, no builds will start until 100% of the funding is secured. Furthermore, the Selected Disabled Veteran Participant is not obligated to the home build until said 100% of the funding is secured and the build commencement contract is signed. All Program Participants must clearly understand that the TotalCare prescription homes that Adaptive Homes, CDC contracts to build, relies heavily on contributions, there are no guarantee of completing a home until 100% of the funding is secured. Adaptive Homes, CDC accomplishes this funding by obtaining Corporate and Individuals sponsors.

Very often the disabled persons ability to compete in the work place has been diminished and their cost of living has increased, creating extreme financial difficulty just to provide a roof over their head. Adaptive Homes Sponsors have the solution, they provide these disabled heroes with home ownership at a reduced rate decreases the burden they experience daily, and increase their chance of self-reliance, something they sacrificed for us. As a community we can GIVE BACK, "Accessibility can Equal Freedom". As we stand together and support the disabled veteran in the same manner they supported us, we will change their lives one veteran at a time. Below are two Examples of our Floor Plans Our Gracious Architect Monsul and Associates will work hard to ensure every ADA Home meets the Veterans Housing Needs Donate today

Adaptive Homes, CDC stands with our Heroes creating hope in a cynical world. Changing the way the world see those who seem weak and builds a world based on dignity, freedom and respect.


Everywhere, we hear people talking about a crisis of leadership, yet we constantly meet extraordinary Heroes giving their whole selves to take on the world’s toughest problems. Our wounded heroes and their families gave their future to protect ours.