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Adaptive Homes, CDCs’ Mission is to make Home-ownership a realistic option for these wounded / disabled military veterans.    Our Private and Corporate Sponsors donations of cash, materials and labor dramatically reduce renovation and acquisition cost for these Four Wounded / Disabled Veterans homes making these Condominiums affordable for these Heroes.

As you know, many wounded veterans return to an unstable economy and\or are on fixed incomes. Their reduced incomes often cause a decline in living standards making it impossible to make car repairs, purchase clothing for interviews or simply keeping the power on while they transition back to civilian life. Our supportive Services Programs provides solution to our disabled veterans and families giving them the step up that they need.

Adaptive Homes, CDC a portal for community support, everyone who is a part of our force makes it happen for our wounded! Join the Force today


Everywhere, we hear people talking about a crisis of leadership, yet we constantly meet extraordinary Heroes giving their whole selves to take on the world’s toughest problems. Our wounded heroes and their families gave their future to protect ours.